a barnyard wedding

This weekend our sister Sandra married Jonathan at the Pickering Barn. It was quite a family affair. Our brother (who we call PJ-Pastor Jeff) married them and all the brothers and sisters participated as bridesmaids or groomsman. Their daughter Maya was the flower girl (she was also ours) and she walked down the isle hidden in her mama's puffy dress. This is the third family wedding in 16 months and we keep expecting things to go a little smoother. But this wedding was full of as much chaos as ours! But that's what makes it fun... Sandra wore cowboy boots with her wedding dress, we dined on BBQ (which was REALLY good) and learned how to four square dance from a professional. It was such a blast. And our sweet baby was perfectly behaved all night. She slept in Mimi's lap during the ceremony and woke up full of smiles and laughter. She was laughing so loud during the toasts I had to excuse myself. You must check out all her smiles on our album page!

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