Baby's First Christmas

This year we decided to space out all our holiday stops over three days. By Christmas night we were pretty exhausted, but it was worth it, because we were able to relax a little more with each family. Finley had a wonderful first Christmas and of course she was very spoiled. She woke up Christmas morning wide awake at 6 am-which is very unlike her.... Brian and I think she was too excited about her presents to sleep! Her favorite present so far is the rain forest music player. It hangs on her crib (or for now on our headboard) and plays soothing lullabies and rain forest sounds. It has lights and little animals that move around and she loves staring at it as she falls asleep. If it weren't 2 inches away from my ear I'd probably love it too! Other highlights include: the girls winning cards (as always), singing Happy Birthday to Jesus and blowing out candles for Him, my mom's homemade Cranberry Bliss Bars and so much more!

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