Finley's first weeks.

Brian and I have enjoyed our first few weeks with Finley. We left the hospital after a long stay and came home for two days, only to return to the hospital with a sick baby. We had to spend a few more days under observation. The nurses laughed as all three of us tried and succeed in sleeping on a hospital cot together. Thankfully, Finley was fine and we were able to come home a few days later! Brian was depressed as he had to return to work after two weeks at home with us. His first day back at work was on the heels of a major UCLA disappointment. We took Finley on first road trip to WSU for the UCLA football game. We were worried about the cold/noise but she slept through the entire game. Papa is training her early to be a fan and even bought her a UCLA onezie and booties!
At the game.
Right after she peed all over.
Who schedules pediatrician appointments for 7:30 am? That was a mistake...

She LOVES her sling!

Taking a nap with papa.
Grandma Brown and Maya.
Maya feeding Finley.

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C.J. and Jen said...

Ok, I seriously can not believe you already took her on a road trip! You are pretty much super mom. That would have completely stressed me out when Owen was only a few weeks old....so way to go on that one!!!! So happy to see all the pics. She really is a cutie!!